Concept: Creating more social interaction in sport communities.

Solution: As a sports enthusiast, I have always experienced finding other players as challenging. Also, I have realized that communicating and meeting with strangers is not an easy process because there is a trust issue. Users are required to use Facebook to log in with their account. Once users use Facebook login, their actual names and profiles pictures will link to Pick Up Games. Users have an option to create a quick profile based on their level of playing sports. Pick Up games provides a sport meet up feature where users can see other players information, join a game, and chat with others. The App gives users an option to create either private or public sports games based on their needs. Users can add other players as a friends for future games and communication.

Tool Used: Illustrator, Indesign, OmniGraffle, POP Prototype, JQuery Mobile

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Interface Design, Product Design, Service Design, User Experience Design